Just who is responsible for a rewarding college experience?


What catches my attention in this original study conducted by Gallup-Purdue is the obvious correlation between four-year graduation rates and the answers to the questions provided by the inaugural Gallup-Purdue index. My number one tip for cutting college cost is “graduate in 4 years”.

The Higher Education system and Colleges in general have been under attack for some time, as they should be in many instances. Lack of Transparency, Lack of Affordability caused by “lazy river” expenses, Lack of True Preparedness in graduates, and Lack of Support to keep students on the right path in large research Universities are common complaints these days.

But what is the student’s part in all of this. A student’s attitude and desire to use the college experience as a springboard to develop interests and ready themselves for their future must be a major contributor to the statistics presented in the poll. Low 4 year graduation rates must call into question the student’s use of the available resources at College, any college.

So there are many things that need to be fixed to bring back the U.S. standard of excellence in education. We must create a love of learning well before the college years, and it is family, community, and schools (pre Higher-Ed) that must combine to accomplish this.

If students want mentorship, exciting professors and classes, and career preparedness, they need to find them. They are there, at most any College or University.