College Connections experts help students make their essays stand out from thousands of other applicants.

Beyond your grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities, your college essay is how admissions officers will know how you are unique.

College Essays and Personal Statements

Get suggestions for content

Ensure your essays are compelling

Emphasize your own voice

Develop writing styles

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If you have not started your essays…

Your College Connections advisor will brainstorm essay topics and help you develop college essay ideas.


If you already have rough draft essays…

Send us your essays for revisions and commentary.

Activity Resume

College Connections students create an activity record that will open college doors. Using your academics, outside activities and summer programs, admissions officers will gain additional insight about you. Your completed list of extracurricular activities will show commitment and contribution in activities.

Letters of Recommendation:

We discuss the best possible references, how to approach teachers and counselors and what to provide each writer. We provide help obtaining supplemental recommendations, where applicable.

Specialty Services & Portfolios

College Connections accommodates any type of student because our specialists have expertise in various fields. Contact us to receive more information about our specialized counseling services.

Regardless of your sport, College Connections works with families in building individual plans for athletic recruitment. We assist in finding the right academic and athletic fit for each student. Work with an athletic advisor to help you self-promote and create visibility.

Although College Connections is based in the United States, we currently assist students and families worldwide. Many of our consultants have been awarded an International Designation attesting to our skills of working with students globally who are located in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and South America.

College Connections works with pre-medical students to help them apply to selective undergraduate combined programs (that require additional applications) and medical school students. Our students successfully present applications that impress admissions officers and gain acceptance.

Our Art Specialist will provide current insights into the leading programs for your “specific area of interest”. College Connections art students create impressive projects that generate portfolio material required by colleges. Get support in creating your best work with detailed portfolio reviews and submit work for relevant art competitions.

College Connections provides guidance for completing supplementary materials for musicians, dancers and actors. Detailed requirements and deadlines for auditions and/or additional applications are examined.

Whether you have reading, writing, ADHD, dyslexia, processing disorder, executive functioning, or any learning disability, our Learning Differences (LD) specialists are trained to assist. College Connections specialists will evaluate your situation, find suitable programs to address your needs and colleges that have the appropriate facilities to foster your progress.

We examine curriculum and lifestyle offered at schools compared with your child’s demonstrated academic abilities, personal and developmental needs. Your boarding school consultant will contact admission directors and present your child to the boarding schools. College Connections makes sure that you do not waste your time traveling to boarding schools that are not suitable or have no space availability.