Almost 30% of students attending four-year colleges use an independent college advisor to help navigate the complexities and time-consuming college admissions process. An independent college advisor helps make your college search less stressful, more effective and manageable. A qualified college consultant will bring an expert’s objective view to your family’s college investment as well as recommendations for your educational and career goals.

The College Landscape

Admission rates to selective colleges are low and gaining acceptance into elite colleges is increasingly competitive. Students must remain current as college application requirements at universities can change from year to year.

Personalized Student & Family Attention

Students deserve knowledge to maximize their opportunities through high school and the college process. Unfortunately, public resources are constrained. High school counselors have too many students and responsibilities to offer individualized attention to their students. As a result, personalized and quality college counseling for students and families becomes difficult regardless of the school counselor’s expertise.

There are approximately 500 students to 1 college advisor
on average in public high schools in the United States.

There are approximately 500 students to 1 college advisor on average in public high schools in the United States.

This equates to each counselor having an average of only three hours of availability per student per year. Budget cuts at many public institutions have also forced some schools to eliminate college counseling positions making college-related resources often unavailable, not current or limited.

Professional Guidance

A good college advising team will help you gain acceptance into the best colleges possible, giving you the competitive edge. Speaking with a college counselor about your personal and academic goals will help you figure out what you are seeking in your college experience. College counselors help you develop the right college list, create an admissions strategy and work with you on essays and applications.

Reduce Your Stress and Personal Burden

An experienced college counselor will make an overwhelming process an enjoyable experience and provide you with a personalized strategy that aligns the best schools to meet your standards and future goals.

College Financial Advice

A financial advisor who specializes in college planning can potentially help you save regardless of the university attended. College lists are often made without consideration of the many financial aspects. In addition to the actual full tuition cost of college, other things to look at are a school’s historical aid packages.