College Essay & Application Mistakes To Avoid

Once you hit submit and send in your applications, it is too late to make any corrections. So be wise and avoid errors prior to sending off your applications.

Here are some errors students make that you can watch for:

– Write your college essay as authentically as you can. Too may students write to impress admission officers. Don’t discuss what you think they want to hear. Be sincere and your voice will resonate with the colleges.

– Recommendations are an important part of your application. Give your recommenders a copy of your Activity Resume and if possible, discuss with them why you are applying to specific colleges.

– Too many students do not answer college essay prompts correctly or fail to realize there may be two or three parts to one essay prompt. Make sure you answer each question completely and reveal as much about yourself as you can. Remember that admission officers are looking to gain insight about their applicants.

– Many colleges ask why candidates are good matches for their school. This response cannot be duplicated and must be thought out and specific to that college. Discuss specifics from a college visit and/or do additional research on the colleges’ websites so you can distinguish one college from another in your essays.

– If there is something on your application that may raise a question (missed school, downward trend in grades), then make sure you explain any discrepancy. There is usually an additional information box on applications with room for explanations.

– Watch out for DEADLINES! That includes applications, financial aid and artistic supplements as these deadlines can vary.

– Many students do not manage time well and as a result, work on essays, applications and supplements too close to deadlines. The work is generally not as thorough and therefore the applications are not presented at their best.

– Not proofreading every word, every line and every punctuation mark can be detrimental. Recheck again before you hit submit!

– Finally, read through your entire application and make sure you are presenting a thorough and complete picture of yourself. Make sure the colleges know why you are a good match for them. Then check the entire application again!

You have spent a lot of time during your college prep taking tests, doing college research, working on essays and gathering required materials, your application is the testimonial of all your hard work. Make sure your application conveys the messages you would like and that you give admission officers an opportunity to know you!

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