Why Drive to Colleges When Students Can Go Online? Guest Blog

After presenting at College Week Live, I became convinced what a wonderful and free resource it is for students. I encourage students to explore these opportunities.

by, Martha Collins

You are just starting the college search process, and don’t know whether you want to attend a school – in a major city or in the country, and you’re not sure whether a “big” school would be “too big” for you.

You’ve started drafting your common application essay, and only now realize you could use a few pointers and a pep talk.

You’ve been accepted to four schools, but can only visit two in person. You’re not sure how to make a final choice, and could really use some advice from someone other than mom.

Your parents are completing the FAFSA and are stressing out about paying for college. They are asking you questions about financial aid, but you don’t know the answers.

Each of these is an example of where www.CollegeWeekLive.com, a website which is dedicated to connecting students to colleges and admissions experts online, can help. CollegeWeekLive has a few different features that make it unique.

First, it features about 500 colleges at one convenient website. Each university has a profile page with admissions and financial aid content, including videos. There is also an option to chat live online with admissions representatives from the school, giving you an instant opportunity to get answers to such common questions as what the school setting is like, how large the typical class size is, or what admissions officers look for in an applicant.

Secondly, many of the colleges featured in CollegeWeekLive offer an option for you to video chat with a current student, providing an opportunity for you to have a more informal conversation with someone closer to your age. You can ask questions about dorm life or cafeteria food or extracurricular activities to get a better feel for whether the school is really a good fit for you.

CollegeWeekLive also features live and on demand video presentations that feature admission experts covering a wide range of topics. For example, videos are offered that offer tips for preparing for the SAT, tackling the common application essay or completing financial aid applications. You can get answers to your specific questions immediately during live video presentations.

CollegeWeekLive has live admissions events nearly every day of the year. Some feature hundreds of colleges and others showcase a single school in depth. Many colleges host events specifically for students that have been accepted, in case they do not have the time or cannot afford to visit before making their final school choice.

And best of all, the service is free. To sign-up visit www.CollegeWeekLive.com.