Things To Do & Ask Once Admitted to College

Many of you may have conducted campus visits prior to being accepted and may have participated in campus tours and spent some time on campus. Now that you are accepted students you may choose to visit again or for the first time before making your decision. Once accepted, your questions may become more detail oriented.

Here are some questions to ask:

– Ask about orientation, the dates, location, agenda

– Learn more about campus safety

– Ask to see a calendar of semester events

– You may want to know how you obtain credit for AP, IB and/or college level courses completed

– Learn about the career center & job placement services offered

– You may want to know how diversity is promoted on campus

– Ask how prompt academic feedback is received on student performance

– Learn if students participate in community based projects & get real world experience through internships

– Ask how students with similar interests meet each other

– See if there are any hidden costs

Things to do on your visit once admitted:

– Visit the college (major) to which you were accepted at the campus – see if they provide honors courses

– Preview dorms, locations, specialties, learn how roommates are assigned –pay housing deposit early when you choose a college If you visited once, review what you missed – recreation center, student union, counseling center, health care facility

– Talk to other students – if not on campus use social media

– Audit a course

– Eat a meal on campus

– Look through recent issues of the campus newspaper

Remember that if you are an accepted student, that college wants you. Go ahead and ask any questions that will ultimately make you more comfortable, happy and successful at your chosen college.

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