Symptoms and Consequences of ‘Senioritis’

While seniors wait for admission decisions, it is essential that they focus on maintaining a strong academic record and excellent behavior. Colleges do rescind admission offers based on poor academic performance during senior year.

Just what is “Senioritis?” Basically, it’s not caring enough about academic performance second semester of senior year. There are those seniors who figure that once they have been accepted to college, they can sit back and relax – not true!

Seniors who decide to miss classes and tests, let their grades drop and are absent from school too much, could be in for a rude awakening when colleges decide to withdraw offers of admission.

Seniors need to understand that record numbers of applications are submitted and many applicants hope to get off waitlists. Colleges would certainly prefer accepting those serious students who maintain excellent academic performance throughout high school. Colleges generally accept more students than will attend. If colleges feel they have overenrolled their incoming class, they may be more likely to drop students that do not meet their academic standards and offer admission to those who meet their standards of excellence.

Remember, at the end of the school year, a final report of your grades is due to the college where the student plans to attend. In addition, to falling grades, colleges will look for any negative behavioral issues like plagiarism, substance abuse and cheating.

So, what can students do if they suspect they have less than stellar performance? Take action before the dreaded letter has arrived. If there is a change in the academic record or a significant problem, students should notify the college where they plan to attend. The student not the parent should inform the college and hopefully provide good reason for their problem. The student should also discuss what they are doing to improve the situation. Colleges do evaluate extenuating circumstance from illness to injury to family problems and take all of this into consideration. The bottom line is don’t wait for admission to be rescinded. Once that happens, it is rarely overturned. Read letters of admission carefully. Many state that admission to that university depends on maintaining strong academic performance through the end of senior year.

It is essential to take second semester senior year seriously. Students have worked so hard to gain acceptance to colleges of their choice. Although tempting to “chill” once admitted, think carefully about the potential consequences.