Press/News: Early Acceptances Starting To Roll Out

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December 14, 2013   AdmissionsEarlyNewsUSA

In spite of the common app mess-ups, many colleges still turned around admission decisions for students in Mid December. I know places like St. Johns and Wash U have released results but thus far no numbers are posted on line. What is available is painting an interesting and sobbering picture: Apps are up, percent of the class admited early are up.

Restrictive Early Action
  • Harvard admitted 21% of its 4692 early action applicants. This is interesting as last year they only admitted 18% (892 vs 992). Harvard has very high yield rate historically, so this trend indicates that Harvard wants more of their class filled at the early round. The Harvard magazine suggest that regular admission rate will be down to 3%. In timing is everything, Harvard magazine also
  • Stanford admited under 11% of early applications. They had an almost 14% increase in early applications.
  • Yale accepted 735 students from its early applicant pool this year, yielding a 15.5 percent early acceptance rate for the Class of 2018. They were up 5.5% in applications.
  • Princeton University has offered early admission to 714 students–18.5%– for the undergraduate class of 2018–up 1%.
Early action
  • MIT —  an amazing 8.9%, 6820 applicants (up 12%)
  • University of Georgia offered admission to 62% of their applicant pool. They were up 20% over last year.
  • Georgetown looks to have admited around 14% of their early pool–which stayed about the same as last year.
Early decision
  • Dartmouth accepted 28% of the 1,678 applications it received for early decision. Early applicants were up 6% over last year.
  • Brown accepted 18.8% of its early pool. They were up 2%  on last year.
  • Williams admitted almost 43% of its applications. They were down 12% on last year.
  • Duke admitted 25% of their early applicants. Duke was up 25% in early applications. This represents 47% of their class.
  • Northwestern, up 15% on last year, admitted almost 45% of their class already–admit rate of 32%
  • John Hopkins – 33.0%, 1,595 applicants (up 11%)


Fordham inadvertantly admitted all 2500 of their early applicants. Only 500 were actually admitted, but the rest got an email saying they were. Oops.