College Connections was founded in 2003. Its founder and Director of College Admissions advisors has over 40 years of experience in education, as a teacher, administrator, admissions consultant.

Over the years we have helped thousands of students gain acceptance to colleges that are the best fit for them and where we believe they will flourish and be happy. Our extended alumni network is available to talk to any applicant about their experience at an applicant’s school of interest.

The collaborative efforts of our consultants benefit every student. We counsel the whole student from a humanistic and individual perspective to distinguish them from thousands of other applicants.  We choose to empower our students, make their college process personal, build their confidence and give them a stand out voice during their college process. All our services are appropriately combined to maximize every student’s opportunities.  Whether your family’s needs are college financial planning, admissions guidance, test preparation, special needs, visual and performing arts portfolios, athletics or tutoring, we’ve got you covered.

The College Connections Experience

What makes the CC experience unique is the relationship developed between the student and advisor. We are your companion and trusted ally in the complex process of College Admissions, not just someone who walks you through the process. We pride ourselves on making sure you deliver the strongest applications possible.

We are the only college consulting company that combines educational, career, and financial services under one umbrella. This allows us to find the best list of colleges for the student and have them gain acceptance to their first choice schools.

There is a plethora of Do It Yourself research and college matching websites today. However, none of these can help you in identifying your strengths and interests, and finding schools that have the best curriculum for you. Every individual is unique and it is the job of College Connections to identify each student’s strengths  and maximize all opportunities. We serve the student and family, not the process.

Our College Counselors

Our specialists tour campuses, meet with college admissions representatives and attend
national and regional college conferences to stay current on college admissions trends.

  • Help students prep, focus and reach deadlines through their college application process.
  • Suggest colleges that are the right match, where students can flourish and grow.
  • Provide an outsider’s expert objective view on your family’s college investment.
  • Help students present their best selves to colleges.
  • Inspire students to take charge of their own college search while learning how to make important life decisions.
  • Assist students in creating college essays that will make an impact.
  • Create an activity record that will open college doors using academics, outside activities and summer programs.
  • Bring proficiency to decisions on educational and career goals and choices.
  • Help make the college search less stressful, more effective and manageable.

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