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College Prep Advice for Students and Parents


"For some students, the college selection process has become so complex and the increasing use of technology so daunting, that they feel additional assistance is warranted. An increasing number of students and their parents have turned to resources outside the school environment to aid them in their search for appropriate colleges and universities and admissions counseling information."
-National Association of College Admission Counseling


It is not surprising that more and more families are flocking to college counseling services outside the school to provide college prep advice and assist finding the right college match. The college admissions process has become increasingly more intricate and competitive. Factors driving the increasing competitiveness in the admission process include:

  • An increase in population and percentage of high school seniors applying to college
  • Online applications have increased the average number of applications each senior submits
  • Better grade averages for high school seniors
  • Colleges now offer differing financial aid packages
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me throughout this college application process. The fact that you believed in me enough to take me on as a client in my senior year is still amazing to me, and words cannot express my gratitude. I know that it was through your expertise and guidance that I was able to send in my best possible applications. In the end, I was accepted into 14 of my 18 choices."
Hannah, Dartmouth


college prep advice for parents and students from college connections



We Assist You In Maximizing Your Child's Potential For Happiness And Success.


You are invited to assure your child’s future without the stress of the admissions process using our friendly, professional and personalized service.

  • Communication between the college counselor and families is essential to the success of our students. The college or university choice is a family decision.
  • Your children face many educational options and the choices and decisions can be confusing.
  • Due to budget constraints and/or additional school wide responsibilities, providing quality and personalized college counseling care and college prep advice for students becomes difficult for school counselors regardless of their expertise. The current counselor to student ratio at many public institutions is greater than 500 to 1.
  • The college admissions process has become increasingly selective
  • The cost of college has become exceedingly high. With such a great investment, families should rest assured that they are conducting the college process in the best way possible
"I want to thank you for assisting and coaching Paige to excellence in her college admissions journey. Gaining an invitation to be a student at Wesleyan could not have been done without you. But the real statement of satisfaction comes from our daughter saying that she loves attending Wesleyan and how happy she is being there. This really puts the exclamation point on your top notch college counseling service."
Ivan, parent of Paige, Wesleyan




It's A Life Experience. Let's Make It A Positive One!

This is your time to identify what really matters to you and make some difficult choices and decisions.


Careful time management and meeting deadlines are crucial in the competitive arena of college admissions. Good communication between the student and the College Connections counselor is essential.  Our college counselors oversee the process and support our students every step of the way.

The student and consultant develop the college list. Assessments at the beginning of the program are used to develop a comprehensive list of colleges to consider. From this list, students are asked to research the colleges and are guided in the process. Students communicate their thoughts and impressions of their college list and successfully narrow it down, thereby becoming more confident and self assured.

The college counselor and student work together on:


  • School curriculum
  • Standardized testing strategies
  • College search, college list and research (including which internet sites are best)
  • College application timelines
  • College essay topics, ideas, format & writing
  • Examples of personal statements
  • Letters of recommendations
  • The activity resume including which extracurricular programs to pursue
  • Summer programs
  • College visits and interviews

Experience indicates that students responsible for their own college process means a higher probability that they will be successful once attending their final choice college.


"I applied to 10 schools and have been accepted at 9. College Connections made my applications shine. I can say that without a doubt, College Connections made the difference in me getting accepted into my #1 college. Without College Connections, I believe I would have gotten a rejection letter, instead of the wonderful acceptance letters I received! I recommend them 110%! Working with College Connections will be the best decision you ever make.”
Megan, University of Colorado, Boulder




College Connections Is Proud Of Our Recent Acceptances- 98% of College Connections Students Accepted at One of Their Top Three Choices.

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