Vivian attained her undergraduate degree with honors from Harvard and served as an interviewer for Harvard College Admissions for ten years. Her first career was as a research scientist studying lentiviral vectors in HIV and gene therapy. When viruses lost their intellectual appeal, Vivian turned in her lab coat for a chalkboard to teach high school math and chemistry. Although she loved teaching, Vivian found that the high school curriculum limited her ability to feed incipient student curiosity. She discovered that academic tutoring and individualized standardized test preparation were a much more satisfying path to channel her teaching energies. Ultimately, Vivian found it most rewarding to help guide her students on their paths toward college and beyond!

As a college consultant, Vivian believes that trust, mutual respect, and effective communication are the most essential elements to a successful college admissions campaign. She understands that some families benefit from an external intermediary to help communicate goals across the Parent-Teenager divide. She also knows that some students need a cheerleader to root for them, while others need a taskmaster to keep them focused on their goals. In her capacity as a college counselor for eight years, she knows how to effectively motivate students in order to achieve their potential.

Vivian has worked with students from elementary through postgraduate successfully. She helps students figure out their best path forward by engaging students and parents in thoughtful planning, offering expert advice, and competently executing well-laid plans. When she isn't working with her students, she is a professional photographer and adventure world traveler.