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""I am very impressed with your business model. Your knowledge goes far beyond what a parent could learn by reading on the internet, attending a high school guidance counselor presentation, or checking out a book from the library. Your service list shows a level of expertise and personalization that makes it worthwhile for a family to invest in your services.""
Kathleen, University of Pennsylvania

M.Ed. & MBA, Columbia

NYC Dept. of Education, Program Manager

Why use Professional College and Educational Consulting?


Our college counselors answer all your questions and concerns while providing ongoing college advice, and support to give you exactly what you need through your college admissions process!


Quality and personalized college advice and counseling for students becomes difficult regardless of the school counselor's expertise. In addition, budget cuts at many public institutions have forced schools to eliminate college counseling positions. As a result, college related resources are often unavailable, not current or limited. Students need to get the individualized attention and gain the knowledge they deserve to maximize opportunities.


  • The college admissions landscape is increasingly competitive and complex
  • Students must remain current as college application requirements at universities change from year to year

We advise students to utilize their school resources and develop relationships with teachers and administrators. Although school counselors are knowledgeable about college prep and the admissions process, many have too many students and additional responsibilities to offer individualized attention to each student. The student to counselor ratio at many high schools in the U.S. is 500 to 1 or greater.


College Connections students receive individual advice and action plans to emphasize their strengths. Using detailed assessments and evaluation, our consultants identify each student's specific needs along with their personal and academic goals.



“Getting into Princeton was a dream come true. I know the support and guidance College Connections gave me made the difference. Thank you so much!”
Rachel, Princeton


Our College Counselors:

  • Help students prep, focus and reach deadlines through their college application process
  • Suggest colleges that are the right match, where students can flourish and grow
  • Provide an outsider's expert objective view on your family's college investment
  • Help students present their best selves to colleges
  • Inspire students to take charge of their own college search while learning how to make important life decisions
  • Assist students in creating college essays that will make an impact
  • Create an activity record that will open college doors using academics, outside activities and summer programs
  • Bring proficiency to decisions on educational and career goals and choices
  • Help make the college search less stressful, more effective and manageable

Our specialists tour campuses, meet with college admissions representatives and attend national and regional college conferences to stay current on college admissions trends.


“College Connections called my college list perfectly. I got into my top choice school and many others as well. You are amazing! You did a wonderful job of reviewing my essays and applications. I’ll definitely be referring my friends. You were extremely helpful!”
Max, USC


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