College Connections Services Students and Families Across the USA and Internationally.

Our consultants are located in multiple cities across the United States. If you are an international student or do not live near one of our advisors, we will work with you via video conference (Skype, Facetime, or other video methods), telephone and e-mail communication.

The content of the work is 100% the same whether you meet with your college advisor physically in-person or connect with us remotely. If our college advisors can get a clear, honest and accurate picture of our students, without in-person meetings, then it is likely that college admissions officers will as well!


College Connections helps students present their best selves on their applications.

Electronic Communication is The Way:

  • It is likely that college applications will offer additional ways to apply in the coming years. Video uploads on applications are a recent addition and some colleges conduct video interviews.

  • Amid school and extracurricular obligations, our students enjoy communicating their questions and receiving input online.

  • College and university applications are submitted online.

  • Virtual education is growing exponentially

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